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Our staff of furry and feathered therapists work hard to bring comfort and happiness to so many who would otherwise be forgotten or marginalized. They deserve to be rewarded with a healthy, happy life. 

Feed. Healthcare. Shelter upkeep. It all adds up.

Your kind donation goes a long way to saying thank you to the real heroes of SWFTA.

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​​​​South West Florida Therapy Animals

They don't call these guys pigs for nothing. They can eat. But they also can make the day of anyone who comes into contact with them. Our pigs have never failed to coax smiles from anyone who comes within snorting range.  A donation of just $50.00 a month will keep our porcine duo of brother and sister fit and ready for action.  

What is it about young children and baby animals? They thrive on play and interaction. They have an ability to go full tilt all day long. A donation of just $150.00 a month keeps our kids playing with all the other baby animals.  

Our feathered friends make a great addition to the farm. Clucks and quacks can really draw the attention of visiting children, and our winged ambassadors of goodwill are always ready to welcome anyone, anytime. A donation of just $100.00 a month keeps our fowl fit for duty.

Prefer to make a one-time donation? Choose your own amount, every little bit helps, and your kind donations are always appreciated.

Have you ever seen a horse give a gentle kiss on the cheek? Have you ever seen a young face light up with joy from the unconditional love that only an animal can bestow? If you ever get the opportunity, then you will understand what makes our therapy horses so special. 

For a donation of $250.00 a month, you can provide for the care and comfort of our SWFTA superstars.