What happens when you get a boy together with a horse that gives kisses? Let the pictures tell the story

The Ranch is available for field trips from assisted living centers and special needs schools. Guests can take a bus ride to the Ranch, have supervised visits with our family of animals, enjoy a picnic lunch under a canopy of oak trees, and walk the beautiful property to see our organic gardens. They will then learn about our animals and their behavior through a five minute education on horses and dogs.

Our Services

​​​​South West Florida Therapy Animals

Our services include taking our dogs and our smaller trained animals to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, special needs schools, and the like, to share the animals for those magical therapeutic interactions. 

We train farm animals to socialize and comfort guests who visit the Ranch through various types of field trips whether school or assisted living facilities.

We are always busy socializing the animals at the Ranch. These animals can provide therapeutic value to organizations whose members will benefit from the unconditional love and affection of a therapy animal.

We have a horse, dogs, cow, teacup pigs, cats & chickens.